Designed, designed and made exclusively for dry plucking of small migratory birds (threshers, starlings, blackbirds, lalaths, woodpeckers, chickpeas, quaiquas, pigeon etc.).

Quick and optimal, an ideal solution for the hunter, farmhouses and butchers for domestic and professional use.

Chrome roller with feather separator disc, equipped with 14 particular soft fingers in rubber, and thanks to these particular fingers, gently peels the bird without damaging it.

The SPIUMATRICE DRY-SEC is silently handy and can be transported and used in any family environment without creating noise or noise, equipped with 4 anti-vibrant feet can be placed on any floor, table or workbench.

The SPIUMATRICE DRY-SEC needs a vacuum cleaner with a minimum power of 1400-watts to be connected in the spill mouth and so the feathers are sucked and conveyed inside the vacuum bin obtaining a clean and perfect work.

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